Message from the Directors

We welcome you and thank you for visiting our website. We are committed to give our clients peace of mind when purchasing any vehicle from us. We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom and finding the right car for you.


Meet The Team

We have a dedicated and professional team that will help you out in all aspects of your automotive experience from the purchasing of the vehicle to servicing, maintenance, and testing. We are not just car salesmen, we are car enthusiasts and car maintenance professionals. We know what cars we are selling because we put so much attention in the buying of the cars; our experience and knowledge is our main asset in selecting the cars which we then proudly offer to our customers. This sets us apart from competitors.


Our Services

We specialize in importation, sales, testing, and maintenance of motor vehicles. In fact at Dinos one can get a one-stop-shop service when it comes to a motor vehicle. Our main products are used Japanese Vehicles imported directly from Japan.

At Dinos we provide thorough vehicle testing, including Vehicle Roadworthiness Tests (VRT). Our fully equipped test lane is equipped with state of the art MAHA equipment, of which we are the representatives here in Malta. Our equipment can test a vehicle in a comprehensive, accurate, and thorough manner. Items which we can test include headlamps, emissions for spark ignition engines (petrol engines), emissions from compression ignition engines (diesel engines), shock absorbers, brake performance, ovality of disc brakes, suspension, etc. 

We also provide aftersales maintenance including servicing, repairs, and parts replacement. Our newest addition to our premises has been a newly set up service garage including full equipment for repairs, servicing, and general maintenance of vehicles. We stock parts for servicing including oil, air/oil filters, coolants, etc for most of the vehicle models in Malta, specializing on Japanese vehicles.

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